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What is Spyware? | U.S. News and World Report

Spyware is software designed to “spy” on the victim. It can gather data about your internet usage, keystrokes, and other activities and send that information to a third party without your consent. Spyware use isn’t limited to malicious…

Teen Cyber Cartels: When World’s Most Prolific Cybercriminals Are Minors

As the announcement of two teenagers charged in relation to the Lapsus$ extortion group broke, we began to wonder: how do youngsters join the world’s biggest cyber gangs in the first place?

9 Tips to Prevent Phishing

From rewarding employees for savvy security smarts, to showing them how breaches are relevant to their every-day duties, we've got the phishing prevention tips you need.

Interview With Armond Caglar – Cybeta

With many thanks to Armond Caglar, Co-Founder and Director of Cybeta Overwatch and Principal Consultant, Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives found out all about his company’s data science services. Aviva Zacks Safety…

Cybeta Awarded Top 25 Cyber Security Company

Cybeta listed in top 25 Cyber Security companies in 2020 by CIO Applications. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In egestas fringilla lacus at finibus.

5 Keys to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyberattacks

The SANS Institute recently identified the key components to keep your supply chain secure. Here's why industry experts believe they are important.