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Bringing Advanced Threat Detection to Cyber Insurance

At Cybeta, we take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our primary objective is to prevent negative cyber events from occurring. However, in the event of a contingency, we have an exclusive partnership with world-class specialty brokerages. This partnership allows potential insureds to transfer their risk at a cost that makes sense relative to their true risk.

We are proud to offer our data-science driven Cybeta Overwatch as a feature benefit which can seamlessly integrate with existing prevention and detection capabilities throughout the duration of an insurance policy period. By doing so, it works to lower the likelihood of cyber risk scenarios and makes you a more attractive risk for underwriters.

Exclusive Partnership with Specialty Brokerages Include:

Extra Protection – 100% For You

No information about you is provided to underwriters. They get safer risks with fewer breaches.

Low-Touch Approach and Zero Connectivity

No installations, networks access requirements, or other intrusive processes.

Flexible to Your Existing Team and Capabilities

We are a strength-multiplier that can adapt seamlessly with existing security investments.

Cybeta for Insurance Brokers

In light of improved information, current and historical methods for estimating the financial impact of successful cyber-attacks or determining insurance limits are no longer applicable. The traditional approaches employed by insurance carriers have typically relied on rudimentary calculations and rough estimates based on basic commercial inputs relevant to the potential insured, such as total company revenue or cost per-record in the event of a successful breach.

However, with the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, it is imperative that insurance carriers adopt more sophisticated methodologies to accurately assess the financial impact of cyber-attacks. This includes leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven models to provide a more comprehensive and accurate estimation of the potential financial loss.

We are proud to offer retail brokers an innovative way to inform policy limit calculation and financial impact using weighting of smarter metrics that matter.

Cybeta for Insurance Underwriting

The surge in ransomware and other cyber threats has significantly contributed to the increase in insurance claims. As a result, underwriters are compelled to re-evaluate policies and drastically shift their approach to determining client risk, evaluating exposure, pricing coverage, and modeling losses.

With over a decade of experience in working with global underwriting markets, we offer innovative solutions that focus on enhanced risk assessment and portfolio-view benchmarking. Our signature low-touch approach delivers predictive breach ratings, tech stack analysis, and preemptive remediation insights across books of risk. Our findings provide immediate value and demonstrate evidence of vulnerable network infrastructure mapped to adversarial tradecraft, current and past exfiltration of sensitive data, and strategic insight on precursor trends and activity associated with future cyber events before an insurance claim is triggered.

Cybeta for Enterprise Risk Managers

Recent surveys of enterprise risk managers have highlighted the fact that cyber insurance is no longer a luxury item, especially in the midst of unprecedented global changes and a hardening insurance market. These risk managers are now recognizing the correlation between high-profile cyberattacks, business interruption, and reputational risk. As a result, they are seeking coverage that aligns with their unique threatscape and offers the appropriate level of protection at a reasonable premium.

We provide valuable cyber analytics and quantitative analysis that risk managers can use to lower their likelihood of experiencing a cyber risk scenario and partner with world-class specialty brokerage firms that can help find the right amount of insurance at the right price to recover quickly.

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