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What is Spyware? | U.S. News and World Report

Spyware is software designed to “spy” on the victim. It can gather data about your internet usage, keystrokes, and other activities and send that information to a third party without your consent. Spyware use isn’t limited to malicious actors, as some legitimate commercial software can arguably be called “spyware” due to its heavy-handed data collection practices. 

Ed Oswald Author |

Spyware is malware or commercial software that monitors and records your activities and sends them to a third party, which often is someone trying to steal your personal information. Spyware is a serious cybersecurity threat that can come from either software sold by a legitimate company or malicious software created by a hacker. It is often installed on someone’s laptop, tablet, cell phone, or other device without their consent. Spyware can be used for targeted marketing (both for legitimate and malicious reasons), commit identity theft or launch other attacks on your device.

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