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Providing Clarity of the Financial Impact of a Breach

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A typical cyber event may cost a company millions of dollars, but that’s only the reported costs.

The actual damage caused can be much more significant than what is reported. The expenses incurred from response, recovery, and downtime can have a severe impact on a company’s brand name, customer relationships, and intellectual property.

We have spent years studying and analyzing historical network attributes, proprietary cyber insurance claims data, and other relevant company statistics to identify correlations and patterns. This has enabled us to quantify the entire financial impact of cyber risk scenarios accurately. Our clients can now break down hard and soft costs across 16 distinct categories of breach-related expenditure.

Understanding ROI of Security Investments

As a CISO or other stakeholder, communicating the enterprise’s efforts to mitigate cyber risk to the board can be a daunting task. The board may lack expertise in cybersecurity or face other challenges that make it difficult to understand technical metrics. What is needed are clear and concise indicators that can effectively measure performance and the efficiency of security investments. This is where Threat Alpha comes in.

By applying financial rationale to security decision-making, Threat Alpha helps ensure that cybersecurity priorities are aligned with business objectives. It not only calculates the cost per solution but also provides the necessary intelligence to make real-time ROI decisions. This allows CISOs and other stakeholders to confidently present their cybersecurity strategies to the board, knowing that they have a powerful tool that can articulate the value of their investments.