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Portfolio Benchmarking and Technical Due Diligence

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Cybeta optimizes private equity and M&A deal team decision-making by providing awareness of unknowns and illuminating at-risk areas that can maximize return on investment that greatly enhance the success of your transaction. Our findings are used to better assess pre-transaction cyber security maturity, evaluate gaps and quantify remediation, and understand third-party dependency risk. Post-transaction, Cybeta routinely supports ‘CISO-as-a-Service’ operations through expertise mapping security strategy development, disaster recovery and business interruption planning, and designing vendor cyber security programs to reduce inherited risk.

Giving Acquirers Peace of Mind

Acquirers can often fail to take the time to speak with a target company’s management and truly understand their approach to security and what they think represents the biggest source of cyber risk to their operations. Cybeta believes it is advisable for acquirers to screen for cyber weaknesses before an acquisition as it not only makes sense for the security of the combined businesses, but can send a clear message to regulators and other stakeholders of the commitment to infosec and data security.

Using Cybeta’s Threat Collection Engine and Threat βeta reliable cyber risk metrics, we deliver peace of mind to investors to make better informed M&A decisions using our external perspective that produces materiel findings such as:

  • Vulnerable and End-of-Life Infrastructure
  • Network Security Issues
  • Limitations in Existing Controls
  • Ransomware Susceptibility
  • Deep and Dark Web Threats
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