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Over the last couple of years, global events have been contributing to an unprecedented rise in internet-connected services and devices proliferating on the external network.

Whether remote work is here to stay or not, most large enterprises had already been struggling with shadow IT and the sheer number of devices, systems, applications, and servers being stood up without oversight. This has extended the digital attack surface exponentially, making it easier for threat actors to discretely case and potentially target vulnerable areas of the external network by exploiting misconfigurations, lack of patching, or lack of visibility.

Cybeta Overwatch is an analyst-driven intelligence solution that helps reduce the likelihood of cyber risk scenarios by continuously evaluating external network infrastructure and other areas of a client’s discoverable footprint. Using a threat actor perspective, this methodology produces actionable and contextualized intelligence sourced from the deep and dark web, open-source intelligence, and attack surface discovery techniques that are merged with global attack trends to give key stakeholders perspective and clarity of a threat leading to a potential negative outcome.

We seamlessly integrate and coordinate with security and IT teams’ threat reduction goals and help perpetually stretched resources focus remediation efforts on only the highest ROI threats. Seasoned human expertise is a key differentiator that allows us to exclude false positives that typically strain IT resources and deters focus away from breach prevention.

Deep and Dark Web Collection and Analysis

You Can’t Automate Human Expertise

Most large-scale events of consequence, whether acts of terrorism or cyber-attacks, tend to be preceded by certain behaviors or actions that went unnoticed. We expect that and understand where to look – in this case, the dark corners of the web where pre-attack infrastructure and discussions or other indicators may be occurring but have gone unnoticed.  This is what we call indicators of reconnaissance.

Using an array of tools and sources, Cybeta technical operators can provide customers contextualized and actionable findings sourced from hundreds of APIs, deep and dark web threat actor communities, marketplaces, paste sites, IRC channels, social media, and other sources.

Open-Source Intelligence

Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence

Cybeta has the capability and expertise to leverage an array of public sources to deliver impactful intelligence to our clients utilizing sources as:

Public Databases
Global FTP
Exposed S3 Buckets
Domain Registries
Social Networks

Attack Surface Discovery – Discover Unknowns

We Understand Your Digital Attack Surface

Using Cybeta’s proprietary Threat Collection Engine, we leverage cutting edge automation and hundreds of data sources to produce data-driven analytics of your IP4 and IP6 space useful for identifying technology stacks operating without oversight of security teams, out-of-date, misconfigured, and vulnerable services tied to current attack methods, and possible avenues for threat actor foothold and initial access.

Delivered Securely via INTELink™ – Your Secure Intelligence Dashboard

Cybeta is proud to offer clients access to INTELink, our secure threat management portal where Overwatch reports, quarterly updates, and other intelligence products can be accessed and managed. Built-in project management capabilities include secure file transfer and a dashboard for work delegation and progress tracking, allowing clients to effortlessly run their own remediation efforts or to oversee which risks to accept.

Cybeta Overwatch Use Cases

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Security teams are overstretched while budget, time, and human capital limitations persist. We create outcomes that can result in patching, priority migrations, or bringing shadow infrastructure back under management.  Our products are also used to inform:

  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Training & Awareness
  • Incident Response
  • Endpoint Security
  • Risk Management
  • Physical Security
  • Vendor Risk
Cybeta Overwatch Use Cases

Dark Web Credential Monitoring

Having personal details and passwords exposed in third-party data breaches can increase the odds of being targeted by orders of magnitude – and with more than half of corporate users reusing passwords across multiple accounts, Cybeta can inform your susceptibility to social engineering by expertly navigating deep and dark web communities where commodity credentials are available for sale.

Cybeta Overwatch Use Cases

Retail Fraud and Counterfeit

Fraud teams and other security stakeholders require access to unique sources to truly gain insight on threat actor operations and their targeting of corporate data and assets.  Leverage our familiarity with illicit marketplaces, card shops, and other hidden services where your brand is being impersonated or exploits for your product are being discussed or transacted.

Cybeta Overwatch Use Cases

Brand Exposure Protection

The rise in business e-mail compromise and other process fraud is an unfortunate reality with no signs of abating.  Let us monitor your brand and domain for warning signs that could portend future targeting.

Cybeta Overwatch Use Cases

Physical Security Social Engineering

Whether from concerning social media posts, negative job review comments, or other problematic content harvested from deep web community forums, enterprise stakeholders are prudent to seek better clarity on whether online threats are credible and if a risk to the workplace or employee safety exist. Leveraging our experience in operations in the national security space, we are capable of supporting tailored requirements where gaps such as unauthorized access and physical security social engineering risk need to be understood.