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Innovation, Intellectual Property, Legacy Systems, and Critical Supply Chains

Manufacturing is a unique industry that faces a multitude of challenges in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. One of the most significant challenges is the emphasis on production and distribution, which often takes precedence over cybersecurity measures. Additionally, the continued use of legacy equipment and systems poses a significant risk, as these systems may not have the necessary security features to protect against modern threats.

Another growing concern is the susceptibility of exposed industrial control systems and SCADA devices to threat actor targeting and exploitation. This vulnerability is compounded by the increasing prevalence of supply chain attacks, ransomware operations, and industrial espionage.

At Cybeta, we take pride in providing support to both Fortune 1000 and medium-sized private entities in the manufacturing industry. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape and implement effective measures to protect their operations and assets.