Blending Data Science with a Threat Actor Mindset

Cybeta reduces threats to enterprise environments through relevant and actionable intelligence and delivers predictive cyber risk metrics rooted in data science. We aren’t a commodity scoring and rating service.

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Consider Us A Trusted Extension Outside Your Firewall

From the very beginning, our company has prioritized collaboration and partnership with our clients. We firmly believe that this approach is the key reason why our clients continue to choose us time and time again. As a team, we strive to be reliable and trustworthy augmentees, providing value through our unique perspective on the periphery while sharing in your security goals. Our clients have placed their trust in us for a reason, and we are committed to maintaining that trust through our unwavering dedication to excellence.


Better Manage and Understand Security Performance Across Your Entire Attack Surface

Cybeta is the trusted partner of clients from various industry verticals. Our cutting-edge approach enables them to identify and monitor current and emerging threats that may pose a risk to their portfolios, critical supply chains, financial records, intellectual property, and other valuable assets.

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