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Threat Quantification: Determining the Right Cyber Insurance Coverage

Determining how much or how little coverage to offer potential insureds is critical to success in the cyber insurance industry and is based on their customer’s real risk. However, if the amount is not reflective of the customer’s real risk,…

Cybeta Awarded Top 25 Cyber Security Company – Interview with Chad Smith and Dane Connell

Chicago-based Cybeta uses data science to identify, prioritize, and mitigate cyber threats before impact. Clients maximize the return on investment of all their security decisions. Cybeta has built and used a predictive cybersecurity methodology across all global technologies and enterprises.

Communicating Cyber Risks to the Board: The Value of a Comparative Metric for Investment Decision-Making

Cybersecurity risk oversight is a major and ever-increasing issue for boards of directors, and one that should be front and center on their agenda. The central issue is assessing the level of acceptable risk to their business entity. However,…

Threat βeta and Supply Chain Security

There has never been a more important time to evaluate the digital resiliency of an enterprise. What is its capability to withstand and operate through a threat or a verified incident?  Unfortunately, modern digital networks are seldom built…